Common Misconceptions with Chimneys

There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions when owning a chimney and we will be taking a look at them in this article. While a fireplace is a romantic and appealing aesthetic in the house it actually requires regular maintenance.

Here are a couple of misconceptions and facts to better understand chimneys:

1. Misconception: Creosote buildup will occur if I burn softwoods like pine

Fact: The reason why creosote builds up inside the chimneys is that you are not burning the right wood in it. The best wood or logs to be used in a fireplace is supposed to be dried and seasoned. Drying and seasoning a log wood could take 6 months to a year. It takes about 5-8 months for a log to be totally dried out and for the moisture to totally dissipate from the wood. Using the wood, you just picked up from the sidewalk still has moisture in them, they’re not as effective as logs that have been dried and it won’t burn that efficiently

2. Since I only use my chimney for a month or two because of winter season I don’t need to get it inspected and cleaned

Fact: a chimney is just like any other part of the house only used for a specific season, as your pool, for sure you won’t be using your pool it if’s cold out. You don’t have it regularly cleaned but you make sure you do the necessary things for it to be easier to clean once the summer time comes. You will need to clean your chimney because just like the pool when it is not used, it collects dirt and there are so many things that could have happened to your chimney during the time you were not using it.

3. Fireplaces will not make it warm, it will actually do the opposite

Fact: in order to keep a fire burning there needs to be oxygen, and if all of the oxygen gets used up in the room because of the fire, the oxygen from another place replaces the oxygen used up in the fire. Firebacks are materials attached to the walls so that the fire from the fireplace can be distributed properly.

4. Getting a metal liner installed can help me reduce costs with getting my chimney cleaned out

Fact: Metal liners are a protective coat for the inside of the chimney, the liners are effective however they are not totally effective and can still build up soot and creosote. Still have your chimney as well as your fireplace regularly inspected and cleaned.

5. Santa Climbs down the chimney to give me presents

Fact: Ever since you were young you were convinced that an old fat man wearing red will climb down the chimney, he would grant your Christmas wish and give you your favorite toy. While some of the misconceptions are entertaining and can affect your budget and decision making, it’s still best to find out the truth behind it. Santa is not real!

What are the myths and misconceptions you’ve heard of with the chimney? It’s best if you find out the truth now than have it cause a big regret later.